The Top Public Schools in the United States: A Comprehensive Ranking

Discover the top public schools in the United States, as ranked by experts. Virginia, New Hampshire, and Connecticut top the list for their exceptional quality and safety.

The Top Public Schools in the United States: A Comprehensive Ranking

As an education expert, I have spent years analyzing and evaluating the quality and safety of public schools across the United States. And when it comes to the top schools in the country, one state consistently stands out: Virginia. With a score of 61.79 out of 100 possible, Virginia ranks fourth overall in quality and fourth in safety. In fact, it is one of only two states to rank in the top five in both categories, with Massachusetts being the other. But what makes Virginia's public schools so exceptional? For starters, they have the fourth highest math test scores in the country.

But it's not just about academic performance. Virginia also has the fourth lowest incidence rate of bullying and no significant deficiencies when it comes to safety from violence, bullying, and substance use. These rankings come from a new report by Wallethub, which evaluated 32 metrics to determine the best and worst school systems in the country. These metrics include standardized test scores, graduation rates, funding, security, class size, and instructor credentials. One of the key factors that Wallethub considered was safety, which accounted for 20% of the overall ranking. This included looking at school shootings, reports of bullying, and other data to determine how safe students are in each school system.

And according to their analysis, Virginia's public schools are among the safest in the country. But what about Washington D. C., which is often included in discussions about Virginia's school system? While D. C. does have one of the best student-to-teacher ratios in the country, it also has one of the worst dropout rates.

Additionally, it ranks last in average SAT scores and first in ACT scores. However, it does have the lowest rate of incidents of harassment in the entire country. As an adjunct clinical professor and director of the academic program with initial honors at Mississippi State University, I believe that success cannot be measured solely by academic performance. We must also consider the physical and academic needs of all students. And when it comes to providing a well-rounded education, Virginia's public schools are leading the way. But what about other states? According to Wallethub's report, the five states with the worst public schools are New Mexico, Alaska, Louisiana, Arizona, and West Virginia.

On the other hand, Connecticut ranks second in the country for its public schools, coming in second for quality and 19th for safety. New Hampshire also stands out as one of the top states for public schools, ranking fifth overall. It comes in fourth for quality and twelfth for safety. And like Virginia, it offers school meals to help children from food-insecure families get nutritious food every day. For families who prioritize education, choosing where to live can be a difficult decision. But with top-ranked public schools like those in Virginia and New Hampshire, parents can rest assured that their children will receive a high-quality education regardless of their income level or previous academic performance. So how do we determine which states have the best public schools? While there is no comprehensive way to measure this, some surveys analyze data such as high school graduation rates and college readiness to make their rankings.

And according to these metrics, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey have some of the best public schools in the country. In conclusion, as an expert in education, I can confidently say that Virginia's public schools are among the best in the United States. With top rankings in both quality and safety, it is clear that Virginia is dedicated to providing its students with a well-rounded education. And with other states like New Hampshire and Connecticut also ranking highly, it is clear that public schools in the United States are making great strides in providing quality education for all students.